About the organization
Hong Fok Group’s principal activities are property investment, property development, property management, investment trading, provision of horticultural services and investment holding and management. The Group’s investments include Hong Fok Corporation Ltd, a public listed company in Singapore and Winfoong International Limited, a public listed company in Hong Kong.

The Concourse is a mixed-use development, comprising a 41-story office tower, a three-level retail podium and nine storeys of serviced apartments. Before D!Cube was installed, there were aluminium sign boards at their lift lobby. These showed static message to guide people to the right department or level.

Why D!Cube Digital Signage?
Hong Fok wanted to make their lift sign board to be more eyes catching and sophisticated than a static signboard. They believe a strong first impression begins with their lobby. With high intensity colour messages to act as the guiding message is able to heighten client awareness and improve their perception of their services by providing clear, effective and animated information as well as welcome message.

The D!Cube players allow a screen to be divided up into different Zones, which allow different media formats, such as flash animation, RSS news feeds or live TV. Therefore, D!Cube has been chosen as their digital signage solution as its players are able to fulfil their requirement.

What is installed and the content?
  • 9 NTB510 players
  • 12 odd size panels (16.4’’) have been allocated at their lift lobby
  • Total 3 LCD displays (42’’) at the 1st floor and 2nd floor concierge.

  • Their main purpose they installed is to display the lift guidance message. Other than acting as lift guidance sign, they are able to display welcome message, advertisement, date and time in various formats such as scrolling texts, images and flash animations.

    After adopted D!Cube digital signage solution, The Concourse have improved the efficiency of communicating information to their staff and clients. It also helps to create awareness for their Concourse Skyline Condominium by displaying eyes-catching advertisements.

    In addition, by using the digital signage to entertain, the waiting experience for their guest has greatly improved.