About the organization
YSL Aljunied Clinic & Surgery is a community-based clinic which provides a wide range of services such as health screening package, acne treatment, weight management & slimming treatment, aesthetic service, hair loss treatment as well as professional consultation regarding various diseases. The clinic used to display TV program to entertain those visitors and patients during their waiting time. However, Dr. Choo Weng Yue was looking for a new marketing idea to enhance clinic’s image and at the same time to create awareness for new launched aesthetic services for his clinic. He also wanted to provide medical information to his waiting patients and visitors.

Why D!Cube Digital Signage?
D!Cube was chosen as it was able to meet all Dr. Choo’s requirement. D!Cube digital signage is a multi-zoned solution which allows user to display advertisement, ticker text, date and time, RSS feeds, web pages and broadcast or locally streamed TV. It helps to target multiple groups of customer with the displayed TV program and information.

After installing the D!Cube digital signage solution in Dr. Choo’s clinic, he agreed that digital signage has been the appropriate medium to improve the clinics’ service level by providing patients and visitors with the information displayed. He stated that nowadays digital signage is everywhere such as shopping centres, hospital, schools and etc. Therefore he fuly agreed that the solution is beneficial to his clinic as it helps increating awareness and attractiveness of the products and services.

The contents delivered by digital signage have given a great visual impact to the reception area of YSL clinic. Dr. Choo stated that digital signage has successfully attracted the attention of his patients and visitors during their waiting time as there is an increase in the number of enquires of his services and products after installing digital signage. It has provided his clinic with an additional advantage in terms of advertising solution and at the same time enhances the clinic’s image.

What other benefit do you see?
Other than creating awareness and attracting attention, it also helps to create revenue and enhance the public image. Dr. Choo is satisfied with the digital signage solution that provided by D!Cube.