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Kanexpro HDMI® 1x4 Distribution Amplifier over CAT5e/6 Outputs


  • The KanexPro SP-HDCAT1X4 is a one transmitter and four receiver amplifier set that enables high resolution 1080p HDMI signals to be routed over distances up to 394ft.(120m) significantly beyond the capability of standard HDMI connectivity.
  • When connected together using four economical and installer friendly CAT5e/6 cables, the transmitter inputs the HDMI signal into four identical outputs carrying 394 ft./1080p resolution simultaneously from the provided receivers.
  • For control options the 1x4 splitter comes with IR receivers for each of the four receivers and provides IR pass-back function to control the HDMI source device remotely from the displays.

  • Applications:

    Perfect for house of worship centers, retail stores and residential /smart home theater applications where one HDMI device can be distributed to four displays over a single network cable up to 394 ft. without losing signal integrity.