Brightsign | Media Player | XT1143 Overview | Features
XT1143 Standard I/O Media Player

DS Controller

  • BrightSign XT1143 includes all the features BrightSign XT offers plus
         serial, dual USB and Live TV playback via the HDMI 2.0 input to play
         content from any broadcast channel – even protected HDCP content.
  • XT1143 has the video and graphics processing chops for a no
         compromise, immersive digital signage experience. Integrate Live TV,
         flawless 4K video, steaming social media and swipe/gesture
         interactivity to deliver a high-end corporate lobby experience.
  • Deliver the Live TV broadcast as it’s happening surrounded by
         immersive HTML5 and social media experiences, happy hour specials
         and other revenue-enhancing promotions.