Onelan CMS Server

The ONELAN Content Management System (CMS) software leverages more than a decade of development and industry experience to deliver users a business tool that makes creating, publishing and managing content simple and dependable.

The CMS features a simple multilingual web user interface to create full screen and multizone content channels and produce easy to use Ad Hoc portals for local on site content update and control. Balancing simplicity and ease of use with access to more powerful features for experts the CMS is suitable for both novice and professional users and scales seamlessly from single to thousand player networks.

The CMS is a comprehensive platform to achieve your organisation's goals be that brand engagement, increased revenue, compliance, increased efficiencies, awareness, cost reduction, customer satisfaction, to name but a few. See the Industries section for detailed examples of how ONELAN digital signage has made a difference.
Product Specifications
Processor Storage
Intel® Xeon® CPU E3 System Ram – 16GB
System Media Storage – 500 GB Hard Disk Drive (HDD)
Network Interface Physical
Ethernet:1000/100/10BaseT Dimensions: 280 x 268 x 77mm
Power Consumption: Typically 60 W from internal PSU
Cooling: Fan
Media Media Sources
All media supported by your player (refer to brochure.) Hard Disc: All media types
Eternet: MPEG-TS, UDP, IP streaming (optional)
Internet: HTML (web pages), RSS feeds (with multilingual support), XML files